This isn’t American Ninja Warrior…this is Ninja Elite..

We offer more than just a jungle gym full of hanging obstacles.  We offer more than an hour of open play time with no organization or curriculum. We offer a well-balanced program that is designed to increase balance, strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. Athletes will have fun learning flips, rolls, twisting and jumping beyond your typical ninja class.

Curriculum changes each week to offer a variety of skills training.  Generally, the coaches will spend two to three weeks training skills that will be incorporated in the upcoming obstacle course. Skills weeks may focus on flexibility, strength, rolls, trampoline. Kids love the opportunity to freestyle some of the fun skills they learn.  Ninjas aren’t focused on form; they don’t need to have the perfect somersault. Instead, we focus on developing strength and agility that they can use in other sports or take to the playground. It’s a foundation that they can use for anything.

Once the training weeks are complete, athletes put their new skills to the test on one of our carefully designed obstacle courses that will challenge both the beginner and the advanced athletes. Participants must run, jump, climb, crawl, dodge, swing on ropes and problem solve in order to make it through. Our obstacle courses are challenging but offer more variety and are simply more fun for well-rounded athletes.

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