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When the traditional "one class per week" isn't enough for your child, it's time for the next big step.   Whether her goals are to compete in small local meets, or to compete on the national level, Elite can help your child reach their goals! We offer AAU Xcel teams Bronze - Diamond as well as USAG level 3 - Elite level training.  

Elle Cacciola, Level 10

Erin McCoy, Level 10

Macy Pennington, Level 9

Payton Seal, Level 9


Elite trains competitive gymnasts at every level.  From pre-team to Elite level, we have the experience and training to work with your daughter!

What makes Elite your best choice?  At Elite, we don't just focus on gymnatics, but the athlete as a whole.  We have expert coaches who specialize in strength training, nutrition, dance, stretching and Yoga to make sure your athlete meets their full potential. 


The primary objective of the pre-team program is to provide your daughter with the necessary foundation to perform optional level (i.e. Levels 6-10) competitive gymnastics. The main focus will be on developing strength, flexibility, and reinforcing the proper body positions to perform complex gymnastics skills.
Athletes train 4-6 hours a week.


XCEL is an alternative to our traditional competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience with a slightly less competetive atmosphere and less hours of practice. 
Athletes train 6-10 hours per week.


Compulsory gymnastics consists of USAG levels 1-5.  The USA Gymnastics committee has designed specific routines that the gymnast must learn exactly. These routines focus on a strong gymnastics foundation before advancing to the optional levels. Athletes train 12-16 hours per week.

Tuition is between $250-$270 a month.


Once a gymnast has proven mastery of the compulsory levels, they advance to the optional level.  

Athletes train 18-24 hours a week. Average tuition is $335. 

2019 National Judges Cup Qualifiers

Natalie Duong & Erin Goodnight! 

The National Judges Cup is the only traveling annual invitational, and features the prestigious Level 6 All Star State Team Challenge. Six member teams representing each state compete for the title of Level 6 State Team Champion. Participants will be judged by some of the most recognized and prestigious judges in the country. This is the second year in a row that Elite has sent two of the six athletes to represent our state!

Way to go girls!!!

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